Toyama General Manufacturing Industry Trade Fair
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Thursday, October 26 - Saturday, October 28, 2023


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An Introduction to T-Messe 2023

Toyama Prefecture, a great business location that boasts abundant water and electricity and industrious people, has developed manufacturing industries such as pharmaceuticals, metalwork, machinery, robotics, and electronic components, making it the premier manufacturing hub on Japan's Sea of Japan coast.
The Toyama General Manufacturing Industry Trade Fair has been held here in Toyama six times since 2010, bringing together businesses from Japan and abroad under one roof and creating numerous business opportunities.
This will be our seventh T-Messe and the first face to face event in four years. This is a great opportunity to meet directly with many companies, so please join us.


Dates Thu., October 26 – Sat., October 28, 2023 (three days)
Hours 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Until 4:00 pm on the final day)
Venue Toyama Industrial Exhibition Hall (Techno Hall)
1682 Tomosugi, Toyama City, Japan 939-8224
Objective To create business opportunities for Japanese and overseas companies by exhibiting their manufacturing technologies and products, arranging business meetings with Japanese and overseas buyers, and holding various seminars.
Industry Categories Industrial machinery, automobiles, precision machinery, electronics and electrical machinery, casting and molds, metal processing, plastics, aluminum, IT, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, traditional crafts, food processing, textiles, design, etc.
Exhibition Space 6,997 m²
(West Wing 3,634 m², East Wing 3,363m²)
Organizer Toyama General Manufacturing Industry Trade Fair Executive Committee
(Toyama Prefecture, TONIO, JETRO, Industry groups)

Features of T-Messe 2023

One of the largest international trade fairs held on the Sea of Japan coast!

Meet with companies in and around Toyama Prefecture as well as overseas companies to develop sales channels!

Cutting-edge technologies, products and services on display!

This special exhibition area will feature cutting-edge technologies in the manufacturing industry.

Joint booths for countries/regions

Effectively showcase each country/region's unique industries and attractiveness as an investment destination!

Business meetings with invited buyers

Buyers will be invited by the organizer to hold business meetings.

Related Events (Planned)

  • Seminars (Overseas business seminars, etc.)
  • Business Meetings with Invited Buyers
  • Presentations by Exhibitors
  • Overseas Human Resources Seminar
  • Special exhibits showcasing cutting-edge technologies including electric vehicles, the metaverse, carbon neutrality, etc.
  • Exhibits showcasing research conducted by universities and research institutes in Toyama Prefecture
  • Recruitment Sessions (for Japanese companies)
  • Mini 4WD Races, Manufacturing Classes for Children, and more!

Review the Past Trade Fair

Number of exhibitors (companies/groups)
Year Total From Japan From Overseas
2021 242 91 151
2019 478 282 196
2017 440 290 150

Note: Held virtually only in 2021

Number of visitors
Year Total
2021 7,310
2019 25,981
2017 24,566

Note: Page views of Virtual trade fair 2021 was 45,436.

Number of business sessions
Year Total
2021 On-line only
2019 8,317
2017 5,148

T-Messe 2019 Summary

Dates Thu., October 31 – Sat., November 2, 2019
Number of Exhibitors 478
Japan: 282 companies and groups from 19 prefectures
Overseas: 196 companies and groups from 12 countries and regions
Number of Visitors 25,981 (Including general guests)
Visitor Positions
Owners: 6.8 %, Managers: 14.5 %, Technical Experts: 29.5 %, Sales Representatives: 24.1 %
Number of Business Meetings 8,317

*T-Messe 2021 was held virtually.

T-Messe 2019 Report

T-Messe 2019 Photos

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Foyer
  • Welcome Reception
  • Keynote Speech
  • T-Messe 2019 Banner
  • Special Exhibits
  • Japanese Exhibitors' Booths
  • Japanese Exhibitors' Booths
  • Joint Booth of Overseas Exhibitors
  • Joint Booth of Overseas Exhibitors
  • Joint Booth of Overseas Exhibitors