To Exhibit

Come be an Exhibitor!

If you are interested in exhibiting at T-Messe 2023, please download and review the Exhibitor Flyer (pdf).

Booth Options and Rates

  1. Joint Booth (shared booth by country/region)

    Special rate for overseas exhibitors: 50,000 yen per exhibitor

    • A joint booth is a booth for exhibits combining government/investment agencies and companies for one country or region.
    • Special rates are available on the condition that a government agency or investment agency is the representative and oversees the exhibiting companies/groups.
    • The space size will be [W 1,980mm x D 1,980mm] x [number of exhibiting companies/groups]. However, the organizer reserves the right to make adjustments at its own discretion, taking into consideration the overall configuration of the venue.
    • Basic equipment such as display tables will be provided free of charge to overseas exhibitors. Please note that even if you do not use the basic equipment, there will be no reduction in the exhibition fee.
    • Equipment other than basic equipment can be arranged for an additional fee.
  2. Standard Booth

    Small type 93,000 yen per booth
    Large type 132,000 yen per booth

    • Size: Small type W 1,980 mm x D 1,980 mm
      Large type W 2,970 mm x D 1,980 mm
    • Companies and groups can exhibit independently.
    • Equipment can be arranged for an additional fee.

Benefits for Overseas Exhibitors

  1. Special rate for joint booths by country/region

    Exhibitors from overseas can utilize a joint booth with exhibitors from the same country/region. In addition to exhibiting the products of individual companies, exhibitors can create more business opportunities by showcasing the economic situation, investment environment, industrial parks, etc. of their country/region.
    The exhibition fee is 50,000 yen per exhibitor.
    Companies or groups that wish to have their own booth can do so with the standard booth.

  2. Basic equipment (for joint booth exhibitors)

    Basic equipment (display table & panel, etc.) will be provided free of charge to overseas exhibitors who participate in a country/region booth. Some paid additions are also available.

  3. Interpreters for business discussions

    Interpreters will be available at the booths of overseas exhibitors free of charge. (English-Japanese and Chinese-Japanese interpreters)
    Highly specialized interpreters are also available online for business meetings with invited buyers.

  4. Free Shuttle Bus

    A free shuttle bus service will be provided between the venue and Toyama Station, Toyama Airport, and major hotels.

  5. Overseas Business Seminars

    Government agencies and investment promotion organizations from various countries and regions can, if they wish, hold seminars to introduce their investment environments, economic conditions, and noteworthy businesses.

  6. Presentations

    Exhibitors who wish to give a presentation are welcome to do so at a special venue. Please note that we may not be able to meet your request if the number of applications exceeds the capacity

How to Apply

  1. Joint Booth (shared booth by country/region)

    Please download form 2, fill it out, and submit it to the representative organization in your country or region.
    Please contact the T-Messe secretariat for information on representative organizations in your country/region.

    To the Representative Organizations,
    Representative organizations of countries and regions are requested to download form 1, fill it out and submit it together with form 2 collected from companies and organizations to the T-Messe secretariat ( by Wednesday, May 31.

  2. Standard Booth

    Download form 3, fill it out, and submit it to the T-Messe secretariat ( by Wednesday, May 31.

Download Application Form

Schedule Until the Fair

  1. Exhibitor Application (due May 31)
  2. Invoice e-mailed to exhibitors by T-Messe Secretariat (payment due by end of September)
  3. Exhibitor Manual published (around August)
    Contains practical information about T-Messe, including procedures and considerations for exhibitors, deadlines for various submissions, and more.
  4. Booth setup, exhibitor move-in (Oct.25)
  5. Exhibition period (Oct.26 - 28)


Targeted Industries

Are agricultural or food processing companies eligible to be exhibitors?

Yes, if you are a manufacturer of machinery or equipment.

Are welfare and nursing care companies eligible to be exhibitors?

Yes, if you are a manufacturer of welfare equipment or nursing-care equipment using IT and robots.

Are consulting companies eligible to be exhibitors?

Yes, if you are a consulting/trading company dealing with machinery/electronic device manufacturing.

Standard Booth

What does the exhibition fee for standard booths include? What other costs are there?

A company nameplate and a parapet are included in the exhibition fee of a standard booth. For additional equipment for decorations, please arrange for them by yourself or contact our official rental company (charged).

Joint Booth

How many exhibitors can exhibit in one joint booth?

There is no limit to the number of exhibitors in one joint booth.

How will the size and location of the joint booth be decided?

The size and location of the exhibition area is decided by the organizer considering the overall floor plan and the total number of booths.
Booth size: About 4 m² X number of exhibitors

How large is the exhibit space for each exhibitor?

Each exhibitor will have one display table (w 140 cm x D 70 cm) and one display panel (w 136 cm x h 80 cm).

Do I need to print a display panel?

No. If desired, the organizer will print the panel free of charge. In that case, the data (company profile, images) need to be sent to us in advance.

Are meeting tables and chairs available in joint booths?

A suitable number of meeting tables and chairs will be provided free of charge by the organizer according to the size of the joint booth. For additions, please contact our official rental company (charged).

Do I have to pay for booth decorations?

Basic decoration described below will be provided free of charge.
(Booth sign, display panel, display table, lighting, socket, meeting table and chairs)
If you need additional equipment for decorations, please arrange by yourself or contact our official rental company (charged).

How many interpreters will be arranged?

One interpreter per 3 to 4 exhibitors will be allocated free of charge in our tentative plan.

What languages will be supported?

We will arrange English-Japanese interpreters and Chinese-Japanese interpreters.

Is it possible for a single company exhibit at a joint booth?

Please contact us. We will introduce you to the partnership organization for your country/region.

Business Meetings with Invited Japanese Buyers

Will business sessions with buyers be held at our own booth?

No, we will set up a venue for business sessions with buyers.

Can I expect buyers from the Tokyo metropolitan area or overseas?

Yes. Here are the numbers of buyers at T-Messe 2019.
Japanese buyers: 22 companies including 2 from Osaka and 6 from Aichi
Overseas buyers: 29 companies

Can I apply for pre-matching business sessions with overseas buyers?

No, overseas exhibitors are NOT eligible to apply for pre-matching business sessions with overseas buyers.

Letter of Invitation

Can you issue a letter of invitation required to obtain a visa?

The host of the trade fair, the Toyama Prefectural Government, can issue the documents required for obtaining a visa, such as a letter of invitation, to persons who are responsible for the company/organization participating in the trade fair with the assistance of the representative organization.

Travel and Accommodation

Is financial assistance available for travel and accommodation expenses?

Sorry, we cannot provide financial assistance for your transportation and accommodation costs.

Can you make hotel reservations for exhibitors?

No, exhibitors must make reservation by themselves.
Please refer to the local tourism website to find hotels.


What are the major industries in Toyama?

Toyama is the premier manufacturing hub on the Sea of Japan side of Japan. Our major industries include high-technology products such as industrial robots, automobile bearings, air/water-tight fasteners and much more.

What are the advantages of exhibiting at this regional trade fair?

T-Messe is the largest international trade fair held on the Sea of Japan coast. Many exhibitors not only from Toyama but also nationwide are expected to participate in this trade fair.
The number of exhibitors at the previous edition: 478
(Japan: 282 companies and groups from 19 prefectures
Abroad: 196 companies and groups from 12 countries and regions)
Don't miss out on business opportunities with Japanese companies with outstanding technologies at this trade fair!
You can also expect to interact with companies that you cannot meet in large cities.